The Trio BioLester McLean

Grooveyard is a sizzling soulful band with an eclectic repertoire and a performance energy that makes the group distinct in the Toronto area. lead singer Lester McLean is a talented and versatile vocalist and saxophone player whose friendly presentation and ability to get an audience having a good time is unmatched. Guitarist Michael Occhipinti and keyboardist Paul Neufeld are both Juno award winning musicians who co-lead one of Canada's most critically acclaimed jazz groups. Together with bassist Nikku Nayar and drummer Doan Pham, they bring a very high level of musicianship to Grooveyard.

Grooveyard's repertoire draws on everything from classic funk and soul to reggae, disco, jazz, '80's new wave, classic rock, and, when required for weddings; traditional music. The band puts its own distinct stamp on the music it performs and the group is definitely not just another cover band. Flexible in its size (the band performs dance music as everything from its core 5-piece to a 9-piece or a trio for smaller events. We can also add female vocalist(s) and horns), Grooveyard is able to break into smaller groups for different functions (for example, a classical flute/guitar duo, cocktail piano, a jazz trio for dinner music).

Grooveyard works closely with each of its' clients to make sure every event goes smoothly and that everyone in attendance leaves remembering that they had a great time with a great band, which is why Grooveyard benefits from so many positive word-of-mouth referrals.